Telling It How It Is: Human and Non-Human Entities

By Theresa Byess

Let’s call it how it is – both human and non-human entities exist whether you believe in them or not.  I may receive some flak for that statement.  Many people come to me screaming “evidence”, “evidence”, “evidence”, “proof”, “proof”, “proof”!  Let’s be honest.  If you were to take all of the evidence and reports collected over the many centuries of sightings and experiences, it would be a slam-dunk in a court of law.  And before I get hit with the nay-sayers and pseudoskeptic remarks, read this article in its entirety.  The verdict would be rendered in a flash and obvious as to what it

Before I go into the meat-and-potatoes of this article, let me first give you a little a few quick definitions on key terms.  A “ghost” is defined as a human entity that has manifested with little to no visible features.  An “apparition” or “spirit” is a human entity that has manifested with visible features.  A “non-human spirit or entity” is exactly what it sounds like, an entity that lives but has never been human, and manifests either with visible features or without them, such as black masses or shadows.

Now, when you hear the terms “ghost”, “spirit”, or “entity”, most people conjure up visions of an entity that is lurking around in old damp basements or attics in mysterious misty vaporous states.  This is not entirely accurate.  Yes, the entities are usually already there but most people cannot physically see them and they typically manifest to verify its presence to those present.  In order to be seen with the physical eye, ghosts or apparitions need a delicate balance of energy and power – the energy to manifest and the power to make it last.  Power, of course, is a mathematical equation equal to the amount of energy times length of time.  In other words, if an entity possesses a larger amount of energy and releases it in a shorter amount of time, the experience you become witness to is profound but over rather quickly.  In reverse, an entity may possess still great amounts of energy but may release over extended periods of time, in which case you would be witness to smaller events.

The entity in its dormant state, for lack of a better phrase, needs energy to manifest.  There are essentially two basic processes a human spirit can go through to bring about its own manifestation.  One way requires the human presence while the other does not.  The other way requires merely the energy it gets from its surrounding environment, such as humidity, rain, fog, and thunderstorms.  Any situation in which there is enough energy in the atmosphere.  Regardless of the method, this involves a complex process of energy transference.  The by-products of which can be scientifically measurable and observed under the right circumstances.

Non-human entities, on the other hand, are in need of none of this, essentially.  The reason as to why is debatable but for the sake of argument, let’s just say the sole purpose of the non-human entity is to seek the ruin of man through various malicious and sometimes fatal ways.

Human spirits are nothing more than individuals who are absent a physical body, whose bodies have been deducted from the total entity, possessing life but no physical body.  The basis for this is simple – the human mind is unaffected by the advent of physical death to the body, a mere vessel.  As a result, if death comes to them suddenly or in the midst of intense emotional distress, they can then become “stuck” in a state of unresolved, sometimes lingering for years, and living in a kind of perpetual present. The emotions, feelings, and thoughts they had upon death can linger with them after the fact.

More often than not, when a human spirit is responsible for paranormal reports, which we are discovering is the case with PERPS, there are two general reasons.  Either (1) there has been an extreme emotional disturbance or trauma that has taken place in the home triggering the onset of the occurrences or (2) the human entity is attempting to communicate its plight with someone who will listen.  This is the reason why a location may have had three or four families living there with no reports of disturbances but when the fifth family moves in, all of a sudden, there are reports of activity.  Regularly, someone has unknowingly possessed some kind of mental, physical, or emotional interlink with the spirit.  In other words, compatibility has been established on some level.  A spirit that “just wants to be heard”, desires to communicate its plight, often with scary and unnerving results – footsteps in a hallway, knockings on the walls, lights will turn on and off, doors opening and closing, etc.  This particular kind of phenomena, we are discovering, are surprising common.  Though sometimes responsible for frightening phenomena, these types of spirits are not necessarily sinister by nature, although they can be extremely mean at times.  This is the result of a spirit attempting to gain attention for the purpose of communication.

Understand, though, it can be very difficult to distinguish between a haunting that is the result of a human entity or a haunt that is the result of a human-based PK manifestation.  In other words, a poltergeist.  A ghost or spirit is more of a passive entity with little to no true powers or abilities.  With the ghost or spirit, a pattern emerges – manifest, communicate, dissipate.  They are not likely to produce any real tangible evidence, manifesting enough to make itself known and rarely doing anything else.  Ghosts and spirits are predictable, despite the claims.  They will either manifest in some way to become known for the purposes of communicating or will want to be left alone, caught up in their own personal problem and seeking to resolve their misfortune.  On some occasions, the spirit will not even know their body has become amputated from their spirit.  They may be seen going about their business doing exactly the same thing as they once had – watering flowers, cooking, opening a door, etc.  Many people refer to this as residual, but residual is different from these types of situations.

A person not knowing they are discarnate is different from residual haunts.  A discarnate still maintains their own consciousness while residual haunts are the “residue”.  Residual hauntings are described as those which seem to appear as though they are playing over and over again.  All things possess some measure of energy.  And all energy leaves behind both a footprint and a fingerprint, one distinctly distinguishable from the other.  In other words, all energy leaves behind signs that it was there in the first place, regardless of latent that print may be.  Consider this example.  You stand in front of your friend who has a video recorder.  They record you dancing to one of your favorite songs.  When you’re done, your friend turns of the recording, and the two of you watch the video playback.  The video playback is comparable to a residual haunting.  You are on the screen but no longer physically there yourself.  You have left your essence behind for the camera to record and play back.

A relatively docile human spirit may levitate a book or knock over a cherished photograph, non-human entities are something much different.  There is absolutely no mistaking the presence of a non-human entity by the end of the experience.  It may start off somewhat innocent, knocking on a wall, slamming doors, or maybe a few disembodied whispers or voices.  The goal is to get your attention with the purpose of opening you up.  Typically, non-human phenomena will occur in between times of Twilight, in the absence of natural light.  They will tend to begin after sunset and end just before sunrise.  More often than not, they will appear black or dark when visible to human eyes and are often desisted in the presence of light.  They usually appear as large, formless masses.

Everything associated with the non-human entity is about terror and negativity, typically intensifying in the presence of fear, anguish, and extreme distress.  You will know its arrival because it will be accompanied by the revolting stench of rotting meat, sulphur, and even excrement, usually in the area in which it has manifested.  They will use foul language, cause injury, and wreak utter havoc.  To make itself known, this type of entity will usually leave deliberate clues – upside down crosses, vulgar writings on walls, ceilings, or mirrors in any of a dozen languages, and even piles of excrement or urine.  These types of inhuman entities will attack any religious emblem or item, regardless of the faith or religion.  The air will become incessantly heavy and dense.  Inanimate objects will levitate or move to give the appearance of possession and manipulation for the purpose of instilling fear.   Ungodly screams, maniacal laughter, poundings in and on walls, electrical malfunctions, seeming hallucinations, such as blood flowing or dripping from walls or faucets, and the materialization and dematerializations of various apports.

Even those who are not involved directly will be affected.  Anyone who comes in close contact with the house, such as a postal worker or delivery driver, will instinctually know something is wrong.  Friends and relatives will be unwilling to come in or even come close to the house because of how unnerving they will feel.  Humans are not alone.  Animals react as well.  Dogs will bark and growl violently, some may even retreat or begin to change their personalities; birds will begin acting strangely, etc.

Numbers play a significant role as well.  A person might be scratched with three parallel claw marks, knocks, rappings, and poundings on walls will come in threes, activity may heighten around the time of 3 AM, etc.  Sometimes the scratches will be in seven and they almost always feel hot to the person who received them.

If possession occurs, it will be obvious.  There will be drastic changes in mood and mannerisms.  The person will become increasingly violent with no logical explanation.  They will react violently and adversely to religiously-related items, symbols, or phrases.  Their actions and mannerisms will be just as troubling and horrifying as the activity itself.

There are three stages with an inhuman entity: infestation, oppression, and possession.  Possession, of course, is the ultimate goal of the inhuman entity.  Infestation is the onset of the activity and is typically the initial “I am going to get their attention” goal.  Oppression occurs immediately after they’ve taken hold.  The air will feel heavy, personalities change, stress increases.  The goal here is to begin wearing people down.  To isolate them.  Make them easier to possess.

We can throw scientific terms around at this topic all we want but, at the end of the day, when the sun starts to go down – will you question what’s there?

On a side note: If nothing else, what we do should be primarily focused on helping people.  Afterall, all of these types of phenomena are typically directed at people, living or otherwise.  We have a moral obligation to help others when they cannot help themselves in whatever fashion we can, whether that be something as simple as giving them a little advice or guidance about the possibility of what they are dealing with to performing full-on exorcisms.  Our purpose at IRG is to do exactly that – to both perform and provide a vital service first in the form of attempting to research and understand that which we currently do not and also to provide a service to those who are in need of help, be it a little advice or guidance, conducting actual investigations for clients, or by acting as a liaison between our clients and the experts who can help them where we cannot.