Introduction To PERPS: The Paranormal Experiences Report Project and Study

PERPS in an acronym for the Paranormal Experiences Report Project and Study. It is actually a huge ambitious undertaking, one in which we are attempting to ascertain which theories regarding variables, such as geographic location, population density, geography, and sources of water, as applies to spiritually-related paranormal activity, are at least plausible versus which are less likely.  You can think of it as a simple survey.  I’ll give you an example.

One of the theories surrounding the presumed increased number of spiritually-related paranormal reports, at least as far as skeptics are concerned, is that areas of higher populations or population densities will have a naturally increased (or higher) number of reports comparatively.  This, based on what we have observed so far, is proving to be inaccurate.  In fact, it seems more and more like it is quite the opposite.  As it stands today, the city with the highest number of reported cases is El Paso, TX.  We hypothesized that cities with famous locations said to be haunted, such as Philadelphia with Eastern State Penitentiary or even Gettysburg, would have had among the highest reports.  This, so far, is not accurate.  While it appears population may in-part play some role in the number of cases reported, it appears to have far less of an impact than originally anticipated.

We are also discovering the theory that this type of activity is common may also be a misnomer. Again, this is based on current data, which we are continuing to collect.  In fact, we are discovering that all reports, be they presumably valid or falsified, account for less than 1% of the total population for each city we have been able to collect.  To date, we have collected 47,710 reports from more than 13,000 cities across the US.  So far, not a single city accounts for more than 1%.  A pattern that is also holding true when the entire number of reports is compared to the total US population, accounting for less than 1%.

We are attempting to analyze for a multitude of factors across a range of hypotheses.  Geology, for example.  It is theorized that quartz and limestone are “paranormal conductors”, so-to-speak.  Quartz is the most abundant mineral on the surface of the Earth and is also the dominant mineral in desert sand, of which El Paso consists of.  We are currently attempting to ascertain the geology of the El Paso area.

You can think of PERPS as a several-tiered project but being conducted primarily as a demographic and geographic study initially, with additional factors being considered as others are potentially ruled out or deemed less likely.  The goal is to develop a micro- and macro- overall picture of the reported phenomena.

In order for our results to be as accurate as possible, we need much more data.  Bear in mind, we only need the cities and states of locations where some form of spiritually-related activity has been observed.  Please do not send us a list of all the locations you have investigated.  Only those where there have been experiences, either personally or captured with equipment.  Also, please let us know how many times you have encountered activity per city and state.

In the future, we are going to be considering other factors as well, as I mentioned before.  Factors such as time of year, climate, major disasters, etc.  However, right now, we are only concerned with geographic and demographic information.

Having said that, it is important for all to know that we do not require, nor will we accept, confidential information of the locations of the reports themselves.  Beyond the scope of the city and state, we do not want or need any additional information for this particular part of the study.  In the future, when we are ready to begin our work on that part of the study, we may begin asking for additional information, such as the month and year of the report.

Also, we stand by our stringent confidentiality policies.  Any information provided to us is kept strictly confidential at all times, except as it pertains directly to this study, and no information gathered from this study will be released to third-parties without prior written consent from the person from whom the information was given.

To provide such information, simply click on any of the links provided below. You may contact us via any of these methods to submit your information:

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If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.