Paranormal Encyclopedia

We are in the process of putting together an encyclopedia of paranormal key terms, phrases, and subject matter, which will also include important names and resources, such as The Windbridge Institute and Loyd Auberach.

Many of these terms and phrases are common knowledge in the field while others have been coined by FAYPRA and IRG, such as Spiritology, EAP (Electronic Audio Phenomenon) and DAR (Direct Answer Response), to reflect important research and data.

We will continue to add additional information as it becomes available so please check back regularly for the updated version.  Also, keep in mind this is a very rough draft!  Right now, the encyclopedia appears more in a dictionary format.  This will change in the near future to reflect an encyclopedia format complete with all the information you will need.

Information contained within the encyclopedia will be divided in the following volumes:

Vol. 1 – Spiritology

Vol. 2. – Parapsychology

Vol. 3 – Demonology

Vol. 4 – Ufology

Vol. 5 – Cryptozoology

Vol. 6 – Academic & Scientific Concepts

Vol. 7 – Tools & Techniques

Vol. 8 – Lore & Legends

Vol. 9 – Worldwide Religions & Faiths