Welcome to the Home Page of The Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
To see the most up to date information please go to http://www.apexpra.org

1) To provide support, education and help to those who need it. We are committed to the scientific research and data collection of paranormal activity without bias.

2) To investigate reported activities without preconceptions using scientific methods.

3) To demystify that which can be explained, and record evidence of that which cannot.

4) To try and refer professional counseling to those that ask for it. Although founded in 2007, our investigators have years of experience in different fields of the paranormal. We do not accept payment, donations or favors for our services whatsoever.

We will never ask for any payment of any type. All our investigators volunteer their time to pursue the advancement of research in this field and are committed to helping those in need. We understand that your privacy is extremely important to you. Any and all information is held strictly confidential and personal information is never disclosed or sold.